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Rating: As Specified
Input Voltage Range: As Specified (Eg. 300V To 470V; 4 Wire, 50 Hz Unbalance)
Input Supply Frequency: 45Hz To 55Hz
Output Voltage: As Specified (Eg. 400V / 415V ± 1%, 4 Wire, 50Hz, Balance)
Voltage Regulation: ±1%
Rate of Correction: Usually 25V / Sec / Phase But Depends On Rating
Efficiency: Better Then 97%
Waveform Distortion: NIL
Ambient Temerature: 0-50 C Max
Type: 3 Phase


Output Voltage Sensing For Voltage Correction & For U/V & O/V Trip
Overvoltage & Undervoltage Trip By Means Of Contractor / Relay's
Voltmeter With Selector Switch to See Input / Output Voltages
Short Circuit & Overload Protection By Means Of MCB / MCCB / SFU
Adjustment: Output Voltages Adjustment Of ± 5V Per Phase Will Be Provided By Means Of                     Potentio Meter On Front Plate
Controls: Auto / Manual Incase Of Auto Mode Failure You Can Set Output Voltage Through Manual Mode
Built In Single Phase Preventer


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