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Key Benefits

High quality battery / outstanding stability.
Maintenance free operation.
Multi-Position usage.
Explosion resistant.
Compact design.
Leak proof / Spill proof.
Multiple applications.
Long service life.
Long shelf life.
High discharge rate capability.
No corrosive gas generation.
Operates over a broad range of ambient temperatures.

Technical Features

Comply with japan industrial standards.
lead calcium grid alloy.
Absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology.
Multi-cell ABS container.
High energy density.
High reccovery capability.
Electrolyte suspension system.
100% visual & electrical inspection.
Effective gas recombination.
Computer controlled battery formation.
State-of-the-art world class manufacturing plant.
Equipped with low pressure safety venting system.


Leak proof design with heat sealed PP container and cover.
Thro' partition welded for short electricl path - reduces internal resistance and increased performance.
Micro porous ceramic float guide vent plug - environment friendly and free from acid fumes.
Special tubular positive plate design for long life in deep discharge cycle.
Special alloy used, for low maintenance of the battey.
PE envelop sepaator by virtue of high porosity, low electrical resistance and excellent oxidation resistance, serve as a perfect separation medium.
Flat negative plate with special addictives and expanders for better charge and discharge cycle.
Superior active material for excellent dicharge performance.
Float guide vent plug for electrolyte level indication.


Suits all type of UPS and standby applications.
Aesthetically designed, compact size to full home, office and business centers.
Readily available factory charge batteries reducing commissioning time and to prevent external impurities.
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